Workplace Woes

June 24, 2021
Aparna Joshi

Let’s say there was a situation where you had to rant (in a good way) about the people you work with. Let’s say that they would be reading this rant. You have to sugarcoat it, right? Here goes.

Let’s call these people PC and SJ.

These two monkeys have been around in my life for quite some time now. I’m not calling them names, they’ve started an uber-cool venture called ३ बंदर or Three Monkeys, of which I am a small part, from the last 6 months.

I’ve known PC for longer - he was my colleague at the first job that I took up in Bombay. Even though I never got to work with him much, I quickly grew fond of him for his sense of humor, something that was essential at that workplace. PC quit that job, and after a few other stints, decided to become an entrepreneur (a word everyone wants to associate themselves with of late). I still kept in touch with him through many nights of debauchery (alcohol only), exchange of mutual hatred for some people, memes, GIFs and music, among other things. He became one of my confidantes.

When I complained to him about how I was desperate to find another job, he suggested that I should join his company. Just like that. I had no formal interview. It was more like an obvious option, almost a blind leap of faith on his part.

I met SJ shortly before joining. Initially I was a little intimidated by him. I think the tables have turned now. My relationship with him is a like a pendulum swinging from friends to colleagues. We often argue about the smallest things but also share many common interests.

“I’ve seen them work late nights so often that I almost feel guilty leaving office in the evenings. (This doesn’t mean I’m staying late too, guys). ”

They say, “Don’t pick a job, pick a boss.” I see this statement getting personified everyday at work. Both of them challenge themselves, and each other, and me, with every new task that has to be accomplished. Both of them are highly opinionated people. Any latest news that’s been doing the rounds, be it an update in the field we work in or with things happening around us, I hear it first from PC. SJ already has a counter argument on the topic.

I’ve seen them work late nights so often that I almost feel guilty leaving office in the evenings. (This doesn’t mean I’m staying late too, guys).

I’ve had some meaningful and more meaningless conversations with them, inside and outside of work.

I’ve learnt so many things that I don’t just plan on using in my work, but in life too. It takes a lot of patience to deal with somebody’s ineptitude and guide that person to be able to finish something on their own. Here’s the part where I say things like, “I respect them both for this.”

I hope some tears are flowing as they both read this; and on an ending note, I’d like to mention that I would only use the term ‘Boss’ in the same sentence as PC and SJ, while describing how they get things done ‘Like bosses/like a boss’ or whatever cool language children are using these days.