About us

We make your business, our monkey business

Our Company

We want to build the best marketing communications team in the world and add 'Bandarful' joy along the way

Our approach is simple. We are the 'bandars' who listen, watch, and speak in order to arrive at the best communications strategies for our clients.

Started in 2014, Teen Bandar has grown to represent some of the most reputed brands in India and the world.

By the numbers

2014 Year founded
50+ Brands serviced
20 Bandarful team members
2 (not 3) co-founders
hear it from our former team mates
"Teen Bandar is the only place that will let you experiment as much as you want to #GoAboveAndBeyond. The Bandarful army of Teen Bandar will help you grow and let you turn your ideas into reality! There is no barrier of ‘only doing what your designation says’ you can be a copywriter and learn designing, the boss bandar 1 will teach you how! You can be a designer and learn the art of servicing, boss bandar 2 will teach you how! And here’s a secret I learned from both of them - if you’re passionate enough to learn and grow then all I have to say is ‘Bandarful banega tu?'"
Abhirath Shetty

Social Media Manager

Our team

Makin' it Bandarful

Prashant Chari


Teen Bandar is the amalgamation of the dreams and hard work of this man. A paradox, he’s an ambitious procrastinator who wishes he could have more hours in the day. Also a curious and aloof geek, this Bandar juggles various hats - from ideator to agony aunt! He loves to disconnect from the world to unwind and is a creature of his own habits and routines that he believes keep him grounded.

Savio Joseph


The hustle of building something is the most satisfactory according to the man behind Teen Bandar. Persuasive and coherent, he is the voice of reason that keeps this machine running. Equal parts motivating and fun, this Bandar loves to get things cracking and then unwind with a few drinks or many!