A Year of Starting Up

June 24, 2021
Savio Joseph

You have quit? What next? New job? Which company?These were the questions that were asked by people who got to know about me quitting. Not sure about what to tell them, taking a break was an answer sounded the best, to them and to me as well. The few who knew what my plans were, were asking why that answer? To be honest, I wasn’t sure the reaction I would have got from most of the people when I would have spoken about my idea of starting up.

All of the above happened more than a year back, and what happened in between is what we called ‘Teen Bandar’  — A digital media agency. Saying that the last 365 days were the best, will just be pure lies. A mix of ups and downs. There were days which would just make me think why did I decide to venture out on my own? A job would have been perfect. A certain amount hitting your bank amount every month and you are sorted. But, such thoughts did not stay for long. Coming out (somewhat victorious) in situations did make me realize why in the first place did I decide to quit and start something myself.

Uncertainty is one thing that comes with starting up, the daily battle to ensure the level of uncertainty keeps coming down is one of the many battles you fight. But all this is what makes the journey totally worth it.

Thank you to the people who been pillars of support ( A big thank you to the family)

Lastly, the person who deserves a lot more than I do (Friend first and then co-founder) Prashant Chari — Just the start. Long way to go!

३ बंदर

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