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Teen Bandar is a startup with big ambitious plans. We know that we need to build the right team to get there. This is why we understand the need to reward our team well (With chocolates!)

We know the qualities we need in each of our team members, irrespective of their role.

  • Irreverence - We want to break the rules and change things up in the industries we enter. This can only happen if you question everything and refuse to accept the status quo.

  • Team Players - We haven’t come across a resume where the candidate doesn’t mention that she/he is not a team player so forgive us if we don’t take your word for it. Our team is all about people standing up for each other, helping others out and sticking around till the work is done. And done well.

  • Willing to learn - No, we don’t care about what your marks were in your board exams. We don’t care if you’ve studied a lot. Or studied a little. If you are curious about how things are done and are always itching to do it better, we want you. If you are not afraid of the new, of mastering new skills, we want you. We will give you ample opportunities to learn new things and do new things. Who knows, we might just create the next Picaso here at Teen Bandar!

If you have these qualities, we’re already interested. While we wish we could hire all of you, our bank balance will allow us only a few. In the following fields.

Media Planner:

Job Description: Planning Budgets for digital media spends, optimising campaigns for best results, preparing reports on campaigns run and providing analysis on all content posted.

Main Ad Platforms Used: Facebook, Google, Twitter

Optional Skills: Copywriting - will speed up turn around time to make campaigns go live

Experience0-3 years.

Training will be provided if required. 

Social Media Manager

Job Description: The candidate will be responsible for writing social media posts, planning the content calendar for various brands, ideation on new campaigns from time to time

Digital Platforms Used: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Essential Skills: Should have good grammar and copy writing skills; The Candidate should be able to work under pressure

Software: We use industry standard software to manage multiple social media handles. Training will be provided to use these tools.

Experience: 0-2 years

Client Profile: Most of our clients are in the travel and entertainment sectors.

Graphic Designer

Job Description: Creating daily social media graphics across the brands we manage. The candidate should be able to bring both creativity and speed on board.

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Additional Skills: These are not essential, but will work in favour of the candidate: basic video editing, GIF creation

Experience: 0-2 years

how to apply

If you think you will fit in at Teen Bandar, write in to us at with a brief background and some work that you’ve done. Alternatively, you can submit your details using the form on this page. We don’t really care about how much experience you have. Or don’t have.

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