In Our Wilderness

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Savio Joseph

Lord of comebacks. Shielder. Religious follower of Rumi (i is forever silenced).
Favourite quote: “I don’t have quotes, I have screenshots”

Prashant chari

Dead baby jokes. Dark jokes. Teen Bandar’s personal search engine.
Favourite quote: “I don’t care. Also you’re alignment is off.”

Ronak Ramraje

Graphic uploader. EDM freak. Injector of feels in designs.
Favourite quote: “Teen Baar refresh kar na!”

Aishwarya pattabiraman

Only Bandariya. Writer of good emails. Not a BULLY.
Favourite quote: “Ronak! Is the graphic ready?”

Sanket Misal

Deadlines. Hey RAM. Master of design adapts.
Favourite quote: “Got your back!” “Savio would appreciate my jokes”