Political Communication

Our mission is to help candidates run efficient, interactive and informative campaigns. In todays day and age, political campaigns can no longer be fought just 30 days prior to the election, but 365 days in a year. The idea is to make communication a daily habit, improving your perception, generating a wider audience and being seen to be more accessible.

Some of our key services in this space are: Website Development and Maintenance, Social Media Management, Online Reputation Management, Whatsapp Marketing, Newsletter Generation, SMS Marketing, Campaign Communication Strategies, Competitor Tracking and Monitoring.

Digital Media Communication

With the power of the internet, people can today run a successful business sitting right at home. All you need is the right mix of products and you can sell in any part of the world. Not just this, we help people sell their products not just on their own website, but on their facebook pages as well. Why stop at generating likes when you can generate sales?

Some of our key services in this space are: E-Commerce Integration with Website and Facebook, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Newsletter Marketing, Inventory Management, Online Reputation Management.

Other Industries

We are working to develop similar unique solutions for other industries as well. From Websites and Mobile App Development to Social Media and everything in between, we are geared to strategise and create experiences you won’t find elsewhere. Feel free to give us a call and revolutionise your digital strategy.