Social Media and Digital Presence Management

We can manage your (monkey) business and communicate what you want to show effectively. We have the skills and you have a company, our coming together will mark the dawn of an era. We’ll bring traffic to your website and manage your online presence. We take care of your social media accounts and ensure our approach is result oriented.

Marketing Consultancy

We can help you sell your product the ‘bandarful’ way and provide you with the insights you need to understand your audience better. We are bandars who know the jungle well. We can give you the advice you need to help you retain the existing clients and attracting new patrons along the way.

Online Reputation Management

We know that the monkeys out there make up their own minds, hence, we manage your online presence so that whenever a smart monkey looks you up, they find the best version of you there is. Our bespoke strategies will help you shape or influence public perception about your brand.

Content Production

We will provide you with unmatched quality and original content that will tingle your senses and bring out the best for your brand. We create you with multi-media assets that will enhance your brand and make magic happen.

Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing

Our army of monkeys works hard to ensure that you are easily discoverable on search engines, leading to higher traffic to your brand assets. Your brand health is of utmost importance and our multi-pronged approach will ensure that your website ranks higher and paid promotions reach relevant audiences in a cost-effective manner.

Website and Mobile App Development

We can give your business a head start with customized website and app development. Keeping a customer-focused approach, we ensure that your audience experience is prioritised. We understand that when your customers are happy, it leads to more business for you. Similarly, we use the latest technologies to keep things simple for you as well with easy to use CMS systems. Our team is also equipped to manage your systems for you so that you are never stressed about content updates and website uptime ever again!

Event Services

We ensure that your event is technologically advanced and is a seamless experience for your audience across touchpoints. Be it a broadcast quality live stream of your event or a hassle-free registration experience. We leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that your event is extraordinary.