About ३बंदर

३बंदर (theen ban-dar) is proudly Indian. Our name is inspired by Gandhiji's three monkeys, but with a modern twist. 

Our belief is that by the virtue of listening and watching before speaking, we can communicate effectively and precisely. We listen to feedback, watch the trends and then speak. Communication is a two way street, after all.

३बंदर is an idea that was born in 2012. Over time, it has been nurtured, fine tuned and prepared for launch in May, 2014. We believe in delivering outstanding experiences time and again by using technology to drive engagement.

Our two core focus areas are Political Communication and Digital Media Communication where we have devised unique solutions.

About the founders

Savio and Prashant have been friends since they were members in different leading Rotaract Clubs, both taking up leadership positions within their organisations at relatively young ages in the same year. Their friendship evolved when they discovered common interests in Politics and Digital Media. An idea was born.

Their individual careers in Media and Events respectively kept them busy while toiling nights fine tuning the idea that would become Teen Bandar. When opportunity knocked, both left their secure jobs to delve into the unknown, taking the biggest risk of their lives (at least that’s what they think).