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The Teen Bandar Way

Our motto is ‘Listen. Watch. Speak.’ Adapted from M K Gandhi’s motto with a quintessential contemporary twist. We believe to listen and watch before we speak to communicate precisely.

Our goal is to make an idea so exciting that you can’t say no! Started in 2014, our clients straddle politics, social entrepreneurship, entertainment, telecom, travel & tourism, financial tech to name a few. As we grow, we want to expand our offerings to be able to create innovative experiences for our brands' target groups across multiple touch points. In short, we take care of your monkeys and consider it our circus!

Our story

We all are crazy enough to think but not stupid enough to try!

Two friends,

working at different companies on different things

with secure jobs and easy lives.

Everything was going great, except for one thing,

Satiation with their current life.

What could be the reason?

They both used to think

And one fine day, they got it in a blink!

Let’s do something new, one replies

The other one had a sparkle in his eyes

They thought about it for a while

And then, it was time!

Opportunity knocked,

They both were shocked!

It was now or never

They had to be clever!

Left their job with dreams in their eyes

Hoping for a surprise!

They took that chance,

Did their monkey dance!

But still, there’s a long way to go,

Listen, watch and speak became their motto!

We call them Prashant Chari and Savio Joseph, the founding bandars! They have come a long way and are willing to go further, where the moon is big and stars shine bright! The idea was born in 2012 which became a digital-first, multi speciality agency! We tell stories which build brands!